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Spring / Summer 2015 Programs

Dear parents,

With so many youth soccer programs available in Ottawa, deciding where to play is never easy. So before you decide to register your child for one of our programs this summer, I encourage you to read the following.

World Soccer Academy has been providing programs in the Ottawa area for over 18 years. And during that time, we have helped several thousand young players improve their skills or take up the game for the first time. Some of our earliest participants have begun to realize their dreams and are are playing with professional youth academies in Europe and North America; others have accepted scholarships with U.S. colleges and universities. Most, however, simply continue to enjoy the game as players, referees and even coaches. And for that, we are most proud.

Why WSA? 

We are probably the only soccer organization in Ottawa providing professional (paid) coaching services for recreational players (House League) and very early development. Academy director Zijo Nistovic is one of the few professional soccer coaches in Canada with a European professional soccer background working with recreational players at this stage of their development.

Although our emphasis is on having fun, we recognize that without skill it is difficult for any player to remain engaged in an activity. As in life, with capability comes confidence. Without the skill to control a ball, run with it, protect it, pass it and strike it with accuracy, many players soon lose their eagerness to participate. For us, the focus is always on our players and the steady improvement of their skills.

Statistics in North America show that between 75-80% of players quit the game around the age of 16. We are most proud that that statistic is quite the opposite for players who have participated in our programs. 

For WSA, the focus is always on our players and the steady improvement of their skills. We are passionate about soccer and will strive to pass on that love for the beautiful game that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to welcoming you to our programs this summer.

- Zijo Nistovic

Our Goal
  • To encourage every participant to be active for life - active physically, active in their community and active in the game.
  • To introduce the concepts of sportsmanship, team effort, and respect for others.
  • And most important: to have fun.

A Proud History
WSA began in the Ottawa area in 1998 with a group of young and exceptionally talented players (born in 1986) and supported a girls Nepean Hotspurs SC team (born 1984) coached by Angelo Fulco. 

From 1998 to 2004, WSA partnered with South Nepean SC in Barrhaven, which later became Ottawa South United. We helped the 1986 boys team continue to grow and worked with a 1988 boys team coached by Ben and Martin McKoy as it became one of the strongest in Ontario. WSA also supported the 1991 boys team, coached by Chris Thatcher, as it challenged for a spot among Ontario's elite teams. Chris remains part of our coaching staff today. 

In the 2006 and 2007, academy director Zijo Nistovic worked with the Ottawa Fury, serving as their Academy director. In the summer of 2007, WSA began working independently, offering elite and early development programs across the city of Ottawa. 

For 15 years, we've helped hundreds of players raise their game. Several of the most talented have gone on to realize their full soccer potential, earning university scholarships, European professional trials and even professional playing opportunities. Today, several players remain in European and North American academies, fine-tuning their game and preparing for the professional stage.

As proud as we are of the achievements of our most talented, we are even more proud of the fact that over 70 percent of WSA participants remain involved in the game – as players, coaches and referees. That is our greatest accomplishment – instilling a love of the game that will last for life.

Guiding Principles

Due to peculiarities of the North American youth system, most developing athletes are exposed to highly specific and intensive soccer training without being given time and space to build a solid skills base. This is comparable to building a high-rise on a poor foundation. Obviously such a construction error will result in the collapse of the building.

One of the main reasons for a high drop-out rate among North American soccer teenagers is insufficiently developed skills. Most players never master fundamentals, yet they are expected to work on complicated tactics regardless of their individual level of skill. This leads to unnecessary stress, unrealistic expectations, and injury. The outcome is most often the abandonment of competitive soccer before reaching adulthood.

Our programs ensure that players at all age levels build a solid foundation of fundamental soccer skills before proceeding to advanced tactics.

Our primary interest is to develop soccer players. This can only be achieved by emphasizing skill development.

In designing a long-term development program we consider differences among participants, studying individual characteristics such as:
  1. Anatomical age
  2. Biological age
  3. Athletic age
Our process of periodization for long -term development divides training into stages from entry level to elite:
  1. Initiation stage - 6 to 10 years old
  2. Athletic stage - 11 to 14 years old
  3. Specialization stage - 15 to 18 years old
  4. High Performance stage - 18 years and up
Understanding these stages of player development is crucial. Our programs implement the Progressive Training Method: what we teach the athletes ages 11-14 it is not same as what we emphasize and train for those ages 15-18.

Our long-term program is intended for talented youth soccer players who are dedicated, passionate and want to excel at this beautiful game, whether that is playing at a professional level, obtaining an athletic scholarship or preparing for the next level of amateur adult soccer.